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PICES Sci. Rep. No. 39 Report of the Study Group on Human Dimensions
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 40 Report of Working Group 20 on Evaluations of Climate Change Projections
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 41 PICES Advisory Report on the Decline of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka (Steller, 1743) in Relation to Marine Ecology
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 35. Impacts of Climate and Climate Change on the Key Species in the Fisheries in the North Pacific.
The Bering Sea Ice
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 02. The Okhotsk Sea and Oyashio Region (Report of Working Group 1).
Coastlines of the Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Japan / East Sea
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 38 Report of the Advisory Panel on Micronekton Sampling Inter-calibration Experiment
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 37 Report of Working Group 19 on Ecosystem-based Management Science and its Application to the North Pacific

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